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PostSubject: BANK   BANK Icon_minitimeThu Sep 06, 2007 1:41 pm

Money can be spent on anything in stores or on housing money is maid by everyone is an automatic hunter u hunt food or gather herbs for medicine an i will gladly pay u. money is also maid by for every 200 post i will add 1000 Q t our account.

Lady Lycan: 1000 Q

Rukia Kuchiki: 2000 Q

Lil Jo Jo: 1000 Q

Sinister Vampire Ninja: 700 Q

Sin: 1000 Q

David: 1000 Q

Nami: 1000 Q

Lilith Ravnos: 1000 Q

Paŧă&am: 1000 Q

Tsuki Kage Youkai Megami: 1000 Q

John: 1000 Q

Xadow Cusiake: 4695 Q
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