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 A new Job Oppening Arrives In Town

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A new Job Oppening Arrives In Town Empty
PostSubject: A new Job Oppening Arrives In Town   A new Job Oppening Arrives In Town Icon_minitimeMon Dec 10, 2007 4:41 pm

A New Job!

This job is
The rules and pay to this job are as followed

1. You must be gone for a week or more time span.
2. You must let people know u are leaving for a job.
3. You must bring articles of things killed.
4. There is a 3 day waiting service.
5. Invitations must be sent by mail.
6. Requirements are that u must carry extra weapons a death note in ur trail for incase of death, and ur own bedding an food.
7. u must apply for this job through The Administer.
8. Pay is a total of 5k per job that is done.
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A new Job Oppening Arrives In Town
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