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 In the memory of Aaron Pham (Fonz)

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In the memory of Aaron Pham (Fonz) Empty
PostSubject: In the memory of Aaron Pham (Fonz)   In the memory of Aaron Pham (Fonz) Icon_minitimeFri Dec 14, 2007 2:51 pm

May he rest in peace.

many times we've seen our friends, family, loved ones taken by death

wednsday night the 12th of december 2007 a friend was taken from me.
His name Aaron Pham or as people liked to call him The Fonz, The Phaminator, etc
he was taken by a friend who was drunk driving, underage, and just got his permit
to drive. I forgive this person for what he did but i do not forgive the events that took place befor the accident. The car he was driving ran a red light and was plowed by a semi
truck that was carrying much fuel and caught on fire. there was more than one person who died in the car at the time Aaron Pham, Shawn Hug, and Terry Ripley. They just got done with a night of partying getting drunk and high when the decided to go home.
a friend was driving behind them at the time. Name: Dakota. one of the guys in the accident was ripped in half or so i hear. the other were caught in the blaze. when the police came they couldnt even tell the make or model of the car it was such a wreck. one of the ppl Shawn was part of the dmc (Dutches Murder Crew) one part of the rap group that i'm in. He was probably the one who wrote DMC all over the walls in the bathrooms. in this time of the year we are supppose to be happy and joyful but for me it will always be sorrow and grieving. the driver right now is in critical condition. but he is in worse condition than us mentaly. he probably will never forgive himself i want ppl to find it in thier heart to pray for the lost boys in the car accident and the driver who's name i will not say as of personal reasons. remember ppl stay alive dont drink and drive. and never get high and drive either. I dont want any more of my friends ending up like them.

[center]May they rest in peace.
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In the memory of Aaron Pham (Fonz) Empty
PostSubject: Re: In the memory of Aaron Pham (Fonz)   In the memory of Aaron Pham (Fonz) Icon_minitimeSun Dec 16, 2007 2:13 pm

(o.0) -prays for them- R.I.P.
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In the memory of Aaron Pham (Fonz)
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