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 Jinx Ellesmera

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PostSubject: Jinx Ellesmera   Fri Feb 15, 2008 9:19 pm

Name: Jinx Ellesmera

Age: Looks about 17 or 18 (No one knows true age)

Race: Full-Blooded Lycan

Weapon(s): She holds an arrangment of daggers and knives. And barley ever uses a sword. But that dosnt mean she isnt skillful in the art of the sword.

Personality: Jinx is a very relaxed person and is easy going. But she has a temper from He**. And once her temper goes off its almost impossible to calm her down. If she ever gets mad enough she will black out and go into a total rage, one in which she cannot be calmed from. She tries her best to hide this side of her from others.

Abilities: She is Wiccan. Or a witch to some people. Her abilites are limited only to her energy she has. To some it seems like she never runs out of energy, but she just dosnt let them no she is weakining. But she dosnt get tired fast, thanks to her years of practice with the art of witch craft. She usually has to chant a few quick and silent words for her spells to work but thats about it.

Human Appearance: Jinx has long flowing, coal black hair that stops in the middle of her back. She has pale skin with full red lips, with boney cheekbones colored by a very light pink color. She has beautiful deep blue eyes that almost glow in the darkness of night, and that almost look like burning blue light. Around her slinder neck she wears a silver necklace with a pentegram at the end of it with a bright blue diamond in the middle. She usually wears long black dresses with bell sleeves, that are usualy tight in the upper body area. It laces down the middle to about the top of her stomach and stops there. She wears black leather sandles the go up a little pace her ankles. She wears a black leather belt around her wast. The belt holds three knives and on jagged dagger in the back of it. Near her thigh she wears another beltish thing around it that also holds a few daggers and knives. Last she has a wrist band on both wrists that holds two jagged daggers that are ready whenever needed.

Lycan Appearance: In her lycan form she is a beautiful solid white wolf. Her eyes are a deep color of creamy yellow. She has a very long slender snout that has a deep battle scar at the end of it. She has a little extra fur along her neck and at the end of her paws. She has very long slender legs with big muscular paws at the end. She has long black nails that sink into the ground when she walks. But under her slender looking skin are tight and very muscular iron muscles. She has 2 inch white fangs that are ment for biting through though flesh. Her tail is long and bushy, with a black tip at the very end of it.

History: Jinx was born to a single mother, Isabel Ellesmera. Her mother was a white witch. But her mother had to be careful with her wiccan art because the village they lived near had beliefs that wiccans were bad luck. As soon as Jinx was able to talk her mother started to teach her the beautiful art of witch craft. On Jinxs 12th birthday, a shadow appeared over her bed that night. It was a lycan, she didnt have time to scream. It snapped down on her arm and made her bleed, alot. Jinx would have died if her mother hadnt of come into the room and sacraficed her own life to save the life of her beloveded daughter. Jinx ran from the house farther into the woods untill it was almost daylight. She rested in a near by cave and slept there for the rest of the day. But when night came her body began to changed and she relized that she had a curse. The curse of the lycan. At first she hated and it and herself as well, but slowly over time she started to see the good side of it. Jinx finally realized what she had a new she was going to have a very interesting life.
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PostSubject: Re: Jinx Ellesmera   Sat Feb 16, 2008 5:20 pm

Very very good ~accepted~
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Lil Jo Jo

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PostSubject: Re: Jinx Ellesmera   Sun Feb 17, 2008 2:42 pm

very detailed i like it -accepted of course-
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PostSubject: Re: Jinx Ellesmera   

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Jinx Ellesmera
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