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 my appearance and personality profile

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Lady Lycanthrope
Lady Lycanthrope

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PostSubject: my appearance and personality profile   Mon Aug 27, 2007 7:35 pm

hey there to all who read this, i am Kinjya, im alpha female of the ghostpack even though i prefer to hunt alone, i am of the age of 17 and i am a garou... more so known as a lycanthrope or werewolf... i am usually average tempermented but have often outbreaks of anger...

= human form: about 5'7feet tall, medium build,long red hair and pale skin, wears a short bondage skirt that is black with red straps, a black corset top, a full length black trenchcoat with many inside hidden pockets that hold my weapons ( my katana, shurikins, throwing knives and a ceremonial dagger) also i wear knee high black leather boots and a black leather choker with a blood red heart on it...

=wolven form: looks like a muscular timberwolf with a reddish fur, and a black pentacle on my right shoulderblade...

my eyes change colour with my mood...

- Background:
=Brought up in a hunting family, i was taught to fend for myself and learn the ways of nature and violence, at the age of 6 i had cut the webbing out from under my tongue with my stubbern thought of it had no reason to be there...
At age 12 i had my first ''serious relationship'' which led to me being turned into a garou, i awoke the next morning in a cage...
once set free, i had raged and had broken my ex's nose and taken off, since then i have seen him once and tore apart his ear...
his pack came to me after him abandoning them for help and had chosen me to become their alpha female and leader of their pack... i am kinjya of the ghostpack...
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Lil Jo Jo

Lil Jo Jo

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PostSubject: Re: my appearance and personality profile   Mon Aug 27, 2007 7:41 pm

very good -accepted-
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PostSubject: Re: my appearance and personality profile   Sat Sep 01, 2007 8:31 pm

Joe Joe Joe Joe joe what ever am i to do with u i told u everyone is accepted so no need to type that jus greet them as welcome to the site so welcome to the stie an u have a really HOTT profile.
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PostSubject: Re: my appearance and personality profile   

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my appearance and personality profile
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