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 Hunters Sell Prices

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PostSubject: Hunters Sell Prices   Hunters Sell Prices Icon_minitimeSat Sep 08, 2007 2:25 pm

Can only bring in 6 things per day. And has to be folowed by types witch are posted after the priceing.
Deer= 500 Q 1 every other day Type: Very Rare

Turkey= 250 Q 1 per day Type: Kind of rare

Chicken= 175 Q 2 per day Type: Often

Rabbit= 100 Q 3 per day Type: Very Often

Squriell= 50 Q 4 per day Type: All the Time

Cow= 125 Q 5 per day Type: Rare

Pig= 200 Q 3 per day Tupe: Kind of Rare
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Hunters Sell Prices
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